Long Island Italian Americans

Italian Enclaves

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Long Island Italian Americans

For Italian immigrants and their descendants, moving from The City out to Long Island was more than a change of address. It signaled that the family had achieved the American dream, and in turn, elements of Italian values and culture are visible all over Long Island. Italians helped to build Long Island, whether as laborers or as contractors, such as the Castagnas. They brought their culinary traditions and opened markets, such as the still family-owned Lavarone Brothers Foods and restuarants, including New Hyde Park's Umberto's . Italians' industrialism helped them thrive in fields as diverse as medicine, politics, acting and winemaking and importing (including the nationally recognized Banfi label). Join author Salvatore J. LaGumina to discover the remarkable contributions and vibrant culture of Italians and Italian-Americans on Long Island. 

ISBN: 9781609498702

Publisher: The History Press

Date: 08/06/2013

State: New York 

Series: American Heritage

Images: 76 Black and White

Page: 192

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