Italian Oakland

Italian Enclaves

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Italian Oakland

Oakland, the other city by the bay, was a magnet for Italian immigrants in the early decades of the 20th century. Some relocated from San Francisco after the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire; many more came to Oakland in search of opportunity and prosperity. These pioneers worked hard, typically at backbreaking labor, to build new lives. They raised a generation of children who succeeded in their own right and contributed in various ways to their community and nation. As they established new roots and adopted new ways, congregating largely in north Oakland's vibrant and bustling Temescal neighborhood, these Italian americans also nurtured their Old Country customs and traditions-many of which, along with rare glimpses of bygone days, are portrayed in this charming trip through time. 

ISBN: 9780738581705

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Date: 02/14/2011

State: California

Series: Images of America

Images: 199 Black and White

Pages: 128

Dimensions: 6.5(w) x 9.25(h)


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